There is a war waging on this planet. Information is the battlefield. Project Veritas has been a critical component in exposing the lies and crimes of governments and corporations.
Over a dozen Ukraine Officials resigned over corruption scandal of using US and Western Aid Funds for personal wealth. Is the death of the Ukraine…
Do you want proof that we are winning? This is not about hopium or propagating false narratives. This is what is really going on and how it is…
America First Congress has flexed it's muscles. They have won control over Congress and Trump leads the way.
The Republican Party is on the verge of massive MAGA transition.
Yes, he is the dually elected President, which was stolen in a coup. But that’s not what I am debating here.
It's All Corrupt. There Is No Stopping What Is Coming. You Can't Tell The People, You Must Show Them.
Recently, there has been many accounts of outbreaks from the rare Monkeypox virus. Immediately we began to see the trendline that this potentially could…
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Joshua Reid | Redpill Project